About Low Cost Car Rentals

About us

Low Cost Car Rentals Sydney has been privately owned with an aim to provide the best competitive rates to everybody who are looking to rent a car in Sydney and Sydney airport. With over 15years of experience in Sydney Car rental industry, we look forward to serving our customers with a cheaper price, exceptional customer service and a great experience.

Our Vehicles

Low Cost Car Rentals Sydney Fleet includes a range of Premium model newer vehicles to lighter model economy vehicles. We also maintain a mixed fleet of Hatch backs, sedan’s, 4WD’s, People movers, Utes and Vans. Whether you are looking to rent a Toyota Tarago in Sydney or a Corolla, we have you covered with a Low price, Great Value and a friendly Customer service.

One of the cheapest Car Rental in Sydney

Low cost car rentals are a Family owned business and we aim to keep our overheads lows as much as possible. Hence, passing the savings on to our customers. We do not worry about a Fancy Office or expensive brochures. We worry about Quality clean cars, exceptional customer service and providing a great experience for our customers.

After Hours Car Hire in Sydney / Sydney Airport

Want to rent a car after business hours? Low cost car rentals are happy to organise vehicle pick up’s and drop offs out of standard business hours. That gives you a flexibility to pick up the car after work or a Late flight. We are open 8am-5pm on week days and 9am-12pm on weekends. However, if our customer needs us, we are keen to help them outside of the working hours. Also, our rental cars are available for hire on the weekends and during the public holidays.