Car Rentals Insurance Options

Please watch this video to know about the insurance options you have when hiring a car from the Low Cost Car Rentals.

Every rental from Low Cost Car Rentals, comes with a Default Insurance policy.

With the default insurance policy, if you have an accident and that is your fault your excess would be $3500.

You do have an option to pay an extra $18 per day to reduce the excess down to $500, which is completely up to you.

We do offer $0 excess for rentals over 7 days at a cost of $44 per day. 

Tyre and windscreen damage, as well as damages above and below the vehicle, are not covered by our insurance coverage.

We do offer Tyre and Windscreen Insurance separately if you are interested. 

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us via email or call one of our car rental offices.