Insurance on Hired Vehicles

Insurance for drivers with Overseas Licence and other tips when renting cars

Insurance on Hired Vehicles

Insurance Excess

Most of the insurance companies have a higher excess for the drivers with Provisional and Overseas driver licences.

They are a few things that can impact the insurance price and lead to the higher excess:

  • You have an Overseas driver licence and you drive on another side of the road in your home country. Check the full list in here List of left- & right-driving countries
  • You own a Provisional Driver Licence (also known as P1 and P2)
  • Your driving history has car accidents at your fault in the past few years

Insurance Payments

Before hiring a vehicle and signing the contract, ask the rental company:

  • What does the insurance on the vehicle cover if you have an accident?
  • Is comprehensive insurance a separate payment or included in the rental amount?
  • Does the insurance cover damage to the hire vehicle, damage to other vehicles and any personal injuries?
  • Is there a convenient way of arranging for minor repairs while on the road?
  • If you have to pay the cost of repairs, how do you get your money back? You should not have to pay for items that are ‘fair wear and tear’. But you may be responsible if problems develop as a result of your negligence, misuse or abuse.
  • Can you take the vehicle off-road or to the snow? Many contracts prohibit hirers from taking the vehicle off-road or above the snow-line. You may be responsible for any damage that occurs as a result. If you want to get off the beaten track, make sure your contract allows you to do so.
  • Can you return the vehicle to a convenient place?
  • Will you have access to the return depot at a time that suits you?
  • Do you have to pay penalties for the late return of the vehicle, or for not returning it to the agreed depot?
  • Are you required to fill the fuel tank before returning the vehicle? And if you don’t fill the tank, what will the car rental firm charge you per litre?

Refer to our FAQ to find some answers or call one of our stuff and they would assist you with any concerns of yours.

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